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Betwixt Between

Author : Louise Carus Mahdi
ISBN : 0812690486
Genre : Psychology
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Format : PDF
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Betwixt and Between offers new insights into the basic elements of initiations and rites of passage. The absence of these traditional supports creates problems in the lives of those who are caught in the void and lack definite expectations at various times of their lives. The chapters on masculine and feminine initiation provide new and creative concepts and practical possibilities for each of us. Initiation has been a missing component in the modern world and needs to be re-introduced with new understanding and consciousness.


Author : Brenda C. Watson
ISBN : 9781607996040
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 47. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Gusper thought he was happy with his life in the woods of Umbria. He lived harmoniously by himself for years, with only occasional trips to Wist for supplies and the absolute necessity. Will this all change for him? After people start mysteriously disappearing from the small town of Wist, they find themselves fleeing into the dangerous woods of Umbria. Looking to Gusper for guidance, he is faced with a decision to take on human interaction in a big way, or stay to himself and continue his serene but lonely existence. In a moral dilemma of bravery against self-preservation, Gusper finds himself torn between right and wrong, as the town of Wist struggles with the decision to face or flee from an unseen enemy either way they will surely test their survival skills in the dark woods of Umbra. The one thing they all have in common is that they are Betwixt and must choose a path to pursue. New author Brenda C. Watson delivers an exciting tale full of excitement, heartbreak, and enchantment. Will Gusper help the town of Wist to safety? Will the town of Wist accept Gusper for who he truly is? Come along on the journey to find out!

Betwixt Between

Author : James C. Conroy
ISBN : 0820469149
Genre : Philosophy
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Both neo-liberal and Third Way politicians and pundits have come to accept globalisation as the key determinant of social and political organization. Consequently, they have confused government's role in the liberal democratic state with that of the globalised corporation. The result has been a discursive closure about what counts as human flourishing, and about the nature of the educational provision which best serves such flourishing - which is co-terminous with economic success. This book offers both a challenge to such an equivalence, and an understanding of the dispositions and practices that are necessary for education to sustain a robust and invigorating openness in, and for, democracy. From an oblique and whimsical perspective, "Betwixt and Between" renovates a range of playful and interesting metaphors rooted in experiences and encounters with and at the limen (or threshold). In doing so it weaves through laughter, trickster, poetry, and religion.

Betwixt The Forelands

Author : William Clark Russell
ISBN : 1230366350
Genre :
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1889 edition. Excerpt: ... and he is said to have shipped in surprisingly great numbers in the old East Indiaman. Many disgusting insects at sea I am acquainted with, but with none, saving the mosquito, more troublesome and irritating. Our steerage passenger found them in his soup; he found them dotting his portion of pudding as though they were plums; he found them in his boots, and he found them in his night-cap. "The havoc they make," he cries, "is incredible. Cloth, leather, wood, aye, even iron are not invincible to their attacks, and do you know, they will cat off the edge of a razor! I had a beautiful pair spoilt by them." Yet, taking the voyage all round, it was a jolly hearty time the passengers spent upon those grand, broad-bowed, frigatebuilt traders to the east. Here in this " Quid," for instance, I find a long account of the horse-play that was an essential condition of the passage of the equator in that and preceding ages. For my part I think the moder n sailor was well advised in heaving this sort of tomfoolery overboard. It was merry-making of the roughest sort, unfit for the delicate organizations of our current breed of well-fed passengers used to every kind of refinement and luxury that is to be generated by the stress of competition, though it suited well enough the fibres of the race of men in whose eyes the prize fight was a noble performance, to whom cock-fighting was the most engaging of diversions, and who carried the fine art of practical joking to a height unparalleled in the history of society, as you may easily discover for yourself by reading the lives of such men as Barham, the elder Mathews, Theodore Hook, and other rollicking humorists of the period of the Indiamen. Yet undoubtedly one's first...

Wits Trenchmour In A Conference Has Betwixt A Scholler And An Angler

Author : Nicholas Breton
Genre :
File Size : 62. 73 MB
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The Certain And Unchangeable Difference Betwixt Moral Good And Evil

Author : William Wishart
ISBN : OXFORD:N11699153
Genre :
File Size : 22. 40 MB
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Observations On The Public Covenants Betwixt God And The Church A Discourse From Jeremiah Xi 10

Author :
ISBN : BL:A0021512935
Genre :
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Betwixt Between Or Beyond

Author : Birgit M. Bauridl
ISBN : 382535900X
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 56. 42 MB
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Betwixt, between, or beyond? is the first study of contemporary black performance poetry from the viewpoint of transnational American Studies. It investigates a vast array of performances ranging from online recordings to political rallies to the poetry slam and Broadway stage. Black poets discussed come from diverse personal and cultural backgrounds and include, e.g., Patricia Smith, Staceyann Chin, Taalam Acey, Bryonn Bain, and Tshaka Campbell. Developing an approach rooted in anthropological, ethnographic, and theatrical perceptions of performance, the study explores poetry as a liminal site of negotiation, scrutinizes its relationship to national and cultural formations, and addresses issues such as the black experience; memory; identity; and the construction of (imagined) communities. Fusing concepts of African American Studies and Performance Studies with critical questions triggered by the transnational paradigm, the study insists on the participation of black performance poetry in (trans)national processes and highlights its cultural implications and socio-political performativity.

Between Betwixt

Author : B&T Pecile
ISBN : 9781460266090
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 69 MB
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Shunted from one foster family to the next after a terrible accident that left their father dead and their mother unable to cope, Khia Ashworth and her little brother, Devon, have already experienced enough drama to last them several lifetimes, but when strange dreams and odd happenings warn of danger and inexplicable circumstances beyond their control, they find themselves on the run. Given little choice in the matter, by a world that seems to have gone crazy, they place their faith (and lives) in the hands of some of the oddest people they could ever have expected to meet: people who seem to defy logic; people willing to risk everything in order to keep them one step ahead of the strange forces that seek to destroy them, and bring them safely to the final fragment of their shattered family. Somewhere between history and legend, good and evil, the real world and the endless worlds of possibility... this is where authors Bruno and Tina Pecile take their readers with this innovative and compelling story: somewhere Between & Betwixt.

Bang To Eternity And Betwixt

Author : John Hussey
Genre :
File Size : 81. 4 MB
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Covering the Cosmos from before the Big Bang through to the creation of our universe and up to but not including our arrival on stage; our will is not yet imposed, we had no hand, act nor part in its provisions, beyond investigating to understand what has been delivered us. The many aspects of the Cosmos are melded, in a headline driven style, to paint a cohesive picture as well as allowing the reader choose to delve further where they may choose to paint their personal picture. Cosmos – includes; • The creation mechanism for our Universe and why there exists a possible Multiverse. • The creation mechanisms of the galaxies with their diversity of Star types. • The space exploration of our Solar System. • The Earth and Moon from their birth to their life driving engines for our planet. • The evolutionary processes that led to our arrival on the planet. • Our natural world with its great events. • Documentary video links on all topics of the book are included. The story is factual in manner, in the proper tradition of reporting, no personal opinions are expressed. The life stories of the standout personalities, in text and video, without whom what is now known, could not have been unraveled, in the case of Cosmos, they are; • Galileo Galilei • Isaac Newton • Albert Einstein • Charles Darwin This is a Video Book, vBook, beyond its text there are 150+ video titles, 100+ viewing hours, downloaded and stored locally on your computer, to be able to watch anytime, offline, without the need for local internet connection. Google ‘Cosmos’ and you get about 27,800,000 search results, so over these last several years I’ve searched out the best documentary videos with their hyperlinks included here, blending their content to report cohesively, supplementing, where appropriate, from Wikipedia and also include those hyperlinks for readers wanting to delve further. The ‘List of Contents’ runs to 6 levels to provide a form of map to the reader as the reporting sequence is not a mere chronology of Cosmic events, it delves, as necessary into the stories as to how the events became understood to us. There is a 7th level, hyperlinked, at its base, which brings further background content, from Wikipedia, to those who choose to read further into any of the topics. The ‘Index’ allows navigation for the reader who has specific interests to investigate through the fabric of the report. The ‘Text’ is structured to 4 levels beginning with the primary, headline driven, main body content followed by relevant Wikipedia extracts, indented in purple, for those choosing to read further into a particular topic through to hyperlinked Wikipedia - Full Article text within the book and in turn out to the website itself. For the reader that wants to stay with the big picture, main body content, there is a “Skip” link to take you past each of the extracts, on to the next headline title and main body content. There are 150+ video content links delivering 100+ hours of viewing time, of the best documentary film available online. The main sequence structure is; • Cosmology – Universe & Multiverse • Geology – Earth & Moon • Biology – Life – Plant & Animal • Ecology – Evolution & Environment – Plant, Animal & Human Special Edition There is also a Special Edition of this book available for US$49.95 which streams all video content from a secure Cloud Drive; therefore, video content cannot be removed by third party video platform providers such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo….. This Standard Edition streams from these. The Cloud Drive Server also allows you conveniently download to your local drive, as much video content as you choose, to watch, offline, at a time that best suits you. To view or purchase, paste the books ASIN: B00LEWY5WW into the Kindle Store search box. If you've any queries, feel welcome to contact [email protected]

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