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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Author : Renate Bethge
ISBN : 1451416563
Genre : Religion
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"Pastor, theologian, resister, Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-45) has been an influential theologian and inspiration for more than 60 years. This unique pictorial account of Bonhoeffer's life, family, and friends, and of the Germany in which he lived and died, is now available in a new edition with added photographs and a new design." "With more than 200 photos - including many portraits of Bonhoeffer's ancestors, family gatherings, press photos of contemporary events, maps, postcards, and newspaper accounts, posters, book jackets - this book gives the reader a real sense of Bonhoeffer's family context and the decisive times in which he lived and strove." "The twelve chapters in this volume recapture distinct periods in Bonhoeffer's life, setting events in his family against the tumultuous events in church, state, and the international scene. The brief accompanying texts provide essential information, but on the whole the pictures are allowed to speak for themselves. For those who know Bonhoeffer through his writings or even films about him, this centenary edition will introduce Bonhoeffer the man and the circle of family and friends who together with him faced fateful choices."--BOOK JACKET.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Author : Elizabeth Raum
ISBN : 9781441146700
Genre : Religion
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Nazi Germany produced an unusual group of Christian martyrs--among them, the nun philosopher Edith Stein, the mystical philosopher Simone Weil, and the peasant conscientious objector Hans JSgerstatter--but perhaps none so complex as the Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Born into a large upper-middle-class, professional family that was not particularly devout or observant (his father was one of the leading psychiatrists in Germany), Dietrich early in life decided he wanted to be a Christian theologian. Yet his family background and connections insured that he wouldn't be one in the narrow mold of so many of his colleagues. Opportunities for travel-to Spain, North Africa. Mexico, Cuba, America (twice), and England (often)-gave him a broad horizon of possibilities. The greatest thing about America for him was his experiences in Harlem and his friendships with African Americans. His great regret was that he missed an opportunity to travel to India to meet Gandhi. He was one of the few German churchmen who spoke forthrightly against the persecution of Jews as Jews and not merely of Christians of Jewish descent. (How much of this was due to his beloved, 90-year-old grandmother Sophie, who defied the Nazi ban on shopping in Jewish stores? "I buy the things I need where I like.") His family connections drew him into a dangerous double game. His "employment" as a member of the Counterintelligence Office of the High Command of the Armed Forces enabled him to continue work as a pastor and seminary director. It allowed him to travel abroad, where he worked for a negotiated peace. And it eventually drew him into the plot to kill Hitler-an ethical stand which many German Christians of his generation couldn't understand or forgive. He was executed on 9 April 1945, three weeks before Hitler committed suicide. He was thirty-nine years old.The life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer has been told at great length and in magnificent detail by his younger colleague, Eberhard Bethge. It's a biography that will never be surpassed but which only the most devoted will have the perseverance to read. Elizabeth Raum has retold the story concisely and readably for a whole new generation of readers.

Strange Glory

Author : Charles Marsh
ISBN : 9780385351690
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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In the decades since his execution by the Nazis in 1945, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor, theologian, and anti-Hitler conspirator, has become one of the most widely read and inspiring Christian thinkers of our time. Now, drawing on extensive new research, Strange Glory offers a definitive account, by turns majestic and intimate, of this modern icon. The scion of a grand family that rarely went to church, Dietrich decided as a thirteen-year-old to become a theologian. By twenty-one, the rather snobbish and awkward young man had already written a dissertation hailed by Karl Barth as a “theological miracle.” But it was only the first step in a lifelong effort to recover an authentic and orthodox Christianity from the dilutions of liberal Protestantism and the modern idolatries of blood and nation—which forces had left the German church completely helpless against the onslaught of Nazism. From the start, Bonhoeffer insisted that the essence of Christianity was not its abstract precepts but the concrete reality of the shared life in Christ. In 1930, his search for that true fellowship led Bonhoeffer to America for ten fateful months in the company of social reformers, Harlem churchmen, and public intellectuals. Energized by the lived faith he had seen, he would now begin to make what he later saw as his definitive “turn from the phraseological to the real.” He went home with renewed vocation and took up ministry among Berlin’s downtrodden while trying to find his place in the hoary academic establishment increasingly captive to nationalist fervor. With the rise of Hitler, however, Bonhoeffer’s journey took yet another turn. The German church was Nazified, along with every other state-sponsored institution. But it was the Nuremberg laws that set Bonhoeffer’s earthly life on an ineluctable path toward destruction. His denunciation of the race statutes as heresy and his insistence on the church’s moral obligation to defend all victims of state violence, regardless of race or religion, alienated him from what would become the Reich church and even some fellow resistors. Soon the twenty-seven-year-old pastor was one of the most conspicuous dissidents in Germany. He would carry on subverting the regime and bearing Christian witness, whether in the pastorate he assumed in London, the Pomeranian monastery he established to train dissenting ministers, or in the worldwide ecumenical movement. Increasingly, though, Bonhoeffer would find himself a voice crying in the wilderness, until, finally, he understood that true moral responsibility obliged him to commit treason, for which he would pay with his life. Charles Marsh brings Bonhoeffer to life in his full complexity for the first time. With a keen understanding of the multifaceted writings, often misunderstood, as well as the imperfect man behind the saintly image, here is a nuanced, exhilarating, and often heartrending portrait that lays bare Bonhoeffer’s flaws and inner torment, as well as the friendships and the faith that sustained and finally redeemed him. Strange Glory is a momentous achievement. From the Hardcover edition.

The Cambridge Companion To Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Author : John W. de Gruchy
ISBN : 0521587816
Genre : Religion
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This Companion serves as a guide for readers wanting to explore the thought and legacy of the great German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 45). Its chapters, written by authors from differing national, theological and church contexts, provide an introduction to, and commentary on, Bonhoeffer's life and work, guiding the reader along the paths of his thought. Experts set out Bonhoeffer's political, social and cultural contexts, and offer biographical information which is indispensable for the understanding of his theology. There is a chronology and a glossary.


Author : Eric Metaxas
ISBN : 9781418556341
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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WHO BETTER TO FACE THE GREATEST EVIL OF THE 20TH CENTURY THAN A HUMBLE MAN OF FAITH? As Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seduced a nation, bullied a continent, and attempted to exterminate the Jews of Europe, a small number of dissidents and saboteurs worked to dismantle the Third Reich from the inside. One of these was Dietrich Bonhoeffer—a pastor and author. In this New York Times best-selling biography, Eric Metaxas takes both strands of Bonhoeffer’s life—the theologian and the spy—and draws them together to tell a searing story of incredible moral courage in the face of monstrous evil. Metaxas presents the fullest accounting of Bonhoeffer’s heart-wrenching decision to leave the safe haven of America to return to Hitler’s Germany, and sheds new light on Bonhoeffer’s involvement in the famous Valkyrie plot and in “Operation 7,” the effort to smuggle Jews into neutral Switzerland. In a deeply moving narrative, Metaxas uses previously unavailable documents?including personal letters, detailed journal entries, and firsthand personal accounts?to reveal dimensions of Bonhoeffer's life and theology never before seen. "Bonhoeffer is the story of a life framed by a passion for truth and a commitment to justice on behalf of those who face implacable evil. Includes Readers’ Guide “[A] beautifully constructed biography.” —Alan Wolfe, The New Republic “Metaxas tells Bonhoeffer’s story with passion and theological sophistication. . . .” —Wall Street Journal “[A] weighty, riveting analysis of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. . . .” —Publishers Weekly “Metaxas presents Bonhoeffer as a clear-headed, deeply convicted Christian who submitted to no one and nothing except God and his Word.” —Christianity Today “Metaxas has written a book that adds a new dimension to World War II, a new understanding of how evil can seize the soul of a nation and a man of faith can confront it. . . .” —Thomas Fleming, author, The New Dealers’ War “Metaxas has created a biography of uncommon power—intelligent, moving, well researched,vividly written, and rich in implication for our own lives. Or to put it another way: Buy this book. Read it. Then buy another copy and give it to a person you love. It’s that good.” —Archbishop Charles Chaput, First Things "A definitive Bonhoeffer biography for the 21st century." —Kirkus Reviews 2011 ECPA Book of the Year 2011 Canterbury Medal by the Becket Fund recognizing courage in the defense of religious liberty 2011 Christopher Award winner highlighting the power of faith, courage, and action "A definitive Bonhoeffer biography for the 21st century." -Kirkus Reviews

Hitler S Cross

Author : Erwin W. Lutzer
ISBN : 9780802493309
Genre : Religion
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The story of Nazi Germany is one of conflict between two saviors and two crosses. “Deine Reich komme,” Hitler prayed publicly—“Thy Kingdom come.” But to whose kingdom was he referring? When Germany truly needed a savior, Adolf Hitler falsely assumed the role. He directed his countrymen to a cross, but he bent and hammered the true cross into a horrific substitute: a swastika. Where was the church through all of this? With a few exceptions, the German church looked away while Hitler inflicted his “Final Solution” upon the Jews. Hitler’s Cross is a chilling historical account of what happens when evil meets a silent, shrinking church, and an intriguing and convicting exposé of modern America’s own hidden crosses. Erwin W. Lutzer extracts a number of lessons from this dark chapter in world history, such as: The dangers of confusing church and state The role of God in human tragedy The parameters of Satan's freedom Hitler's Cross is the story of a nation whose church forgot its call and discovered its failure way too late. It is a cautionary tale for every church and Christian to remember who the true King is.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works

Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer
ISBN : 9781451469332
Genre : Theology
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Theological Education Underground 1937 1940

Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer
ISBN : 9781451406832
Genre : Religion
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Nearly all in translation for the first time, these documents shed special light on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's work from the time of his underground seminary teaching, through his sojourn at New York City, and his return to the church struggle in Germany.

Barcelona Berlin New York 1928 1931

Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer
ISBN : UOM:39015076152373
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 23 MB
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* 900 pages of never-before-translated Bonhoeffer works * Illuminating essays, letters, and lectures clarify Bonhoeffer's biographical and theological path

Twentieth Century Theologians

Author : Philip Kennedy
ISBN : 9780857717603
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55. 19 MB
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One needs to be a lunatic to become a Christian, the 19th century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once observed. Had Kierkegaard lived in the 20th century he might have discerned even more of an obstacle to professing such faith. For during the last century the human condition changed more rapidly than during any previous era, taking that condition far away from the very different historical circumstances in which Christianity was born. In his new book, Philip Kennedy explores the ways Christian theologians of the 20th century tried to live for themselves - and to promote to others - a productive religious life in a world overtaken by massive upheaval and technological innovation. _x000D_ _x000D_ The book is distinctive in a number of respects. First, it differs from other surveys of theology by adopting a primarily biographical method, examining the lives of its subjects in historical context. Second, it is more progressive than its competitors, covering many theologians other than white male professors - especially women - who have worked outside the academy or on the margins of the churches. Third, it is genuinely international, focusing on theologians in all the continents of the world (including Africa and Australasia) rather than just Europe or North America. Fourth, it makes no assumptions that its readers are religious or that theology is in some way uniquely true. Fifth, it avoids jargon or 'theologese' throughout, explaining the central ideas of the theologians in clear and accessible language._x000D_ _x000D_ There is an urgent need for a sensitive new textbook reassessing the subject in the light of modern concerns and scepticism about religion. This book meets that need, and will appeal strongly to agnostics interested in the impact that major theological ideas have made on culture and society during the last century, as well as to undergraduate students seeking an objective and non-partisan survey of the whole field.

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