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The Hero Two Doors Down

Author : Sharon Robinson
ISBN : 0545804515
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Based on the true story of a Brooklyn boy's friendship with his hero, Jackie Robinson. The year is 1948, and the place is Brooklyn, NY. Stephen Satlow, a local Jewish boy, is an avid Brooklyn Dodgers' fan but a mediocre athlete, at best. When Jackie Robinson moves into his predominantly Jewish neighborhood and befriends Steve, his status changes instantly. Their bond deepens when Jackie commits a wellintentioned blunder. He mistakenly gives Steve's family a Christmas tree. As the tension clears, acceptance of Jackie's gift of the tree becomes symbolic of two families from different religious and cultural backgrounds finding common ground. The friendship between the two families grows over the next few decades, when enormous social changes sweep the nation.

The Four Doors

Author : Richard Paul Evans
ISBN : 9781476728186
Genre : Self-Help
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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Walk and The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans has met hundreds of thousands of people and heard many of their stories in his travels over the past two decades. Most of the people he meets are hungry for inspiration; they love his novels because his characters are also searching for meaning and understanding. The Four Doors is Evans’s message to those who seek inspiration in their lives. It began as a talk he gave on the spur of the moment, and over the course of ten years, it has evolved into a message he has shared with successful business people, students, and even addicts and prisoners. It includes stories his readers have told him, stories about great achievers who overcame hardships, and stories about his own struggle growing up in a large family with financial difficulties and a suicidal mother, and about his diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome later in life. These inspiring stories are woven through his identification and careful explanation of the four doors to a more fulfilling life: BELIEVE THERE’ S A REASON YOU WERE BORN FREE YOURSELF FROM LIMITATION MAGNIF Y YOUR LIFE DEVELOP A LOVE-CENTERED MAP Evans believes that we all want to know the meaning of our lives. In The Four Doors, he shows how even the most quiet life can be full of purpose and joy, if we choose to take that first step over the threshold.


Author : Paul Dale Anderson
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The ancient Tibetan god of death, Yama, reincarnated as a People’s Republic of China General, recruits terrorists to sabotage electrical power transmission grids worldwide. Yama and his eight demon underlings feed on panic and fear, and they intend to devour the entire world and everyone and everything in it. All hell breaks loose to prevent David Davis, a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army who specializes in human intelligence gathering, from foiling a plot to disrupt electronic communications, destroy the electrical grids of civilized nations worldwide, and end life as we know it. Davis and eight reluctant companions—a former Army Ranger turned ruthless hit man for the conspirators, a former Marine named Jon Fish who became an unemployed drunkard after the sudden deaths of his mother and brother, Mike Cleary, an FBI Special Agent and family man, Bill Porter, an electrical engineer, Debra Johnson, an Army Intelligence Analyst, Anamarie Noble, a computer systems analyst, and two Tibetan monks who have mystical powers—join forces to restore order in a world gone mad. Not only is the whole world thrown into chaos and darkness by the lack of power and communication, but Iran has nuked Israel and America cannot respond because strategic weapons systems have been completely disabled by an insidious computer worm embedded in their operating software. Yan Khawa Garpo, a People’s Republic of China General, is secretly the reincarnation of Yama, an ancient evil who was once worshipped as the god of death in both China and Tibet. Yan mobilizes an army of demons to take over cities and spread fear and panic. Yan and his eight diabolical companions are truly monsters who feed on fear. They feed literally on the hearts and minds of innocent people. In this epic battle between the most ancient of all adversaries, Dave and his companions must first battle their own greatest fears. Can Davis overcome his life-long fear of fire? Can the Ranger overcome his fear of snakes? Can Deb vanquish her fear of insects? Will Mike overcome the fear of seeing his family beheaded? Can Jon overcome his chemical dependencies? Can Lokesvara overcome the limitations and frailties of age? Can Phut conquer death? And can Bill learn to love? Abandoned takes place amid the dilapidated and abandoned houses and factories of the once-prosperous Rockford, Illinois, the corrupt seats of power in Washington, D. C. and Beijing, and the majestic Meili Snow Mountains of China and Tibet. Abandoned is much more than a horror story. It is also an action thriller, a contemporary romance, and a modern myth. Many of the characters are derived from world mythologies, and readers may recognize archetypes of some of their favorite heroes and villains. Abandoned is the first book of Paul Dale Anderson’s Winds-series of supernatural thrillers.

When Camels Slide Down Doors Do You Tell The Neighbors

Author : Rick and Martha Trader
ISBN : 9781512710182
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Journey with a Boomer couple accepting the mission of caring for one parent with dementia, only to end up with two parents with dementia, mixed with a healthy blend of OCD, paranoia, and Parkinson’s. The intense darkness of such a dynamic at times also makes for a releasing humor. Poignant stories tell the tales, while the focus remains on how, when the Teacher designs the syllabus, the classroom experience will reach the heart. Over 30 humbling lessons (most in hindsight) about mission, mercy, faith, fatigue, keys and cars, time, toothpaste, amazement, awe, earthsuits, and more are set into an eternal perspective. What was the most humbling lesson of all? Come along with Rick and Martha and discover the most important one for yourself. Aging certainly has its problems. We lose lots of things like teeth, sight, hearing, knees, hips, and sleep to name a few. However, the costliest loss of all is our memory. Caregivers and family members must take the time to read ‘When Camels Slide Down Doors...’ It will come to be your manual, your friend, your source of inspiration and encouragement. Your relationship with God and each family member will be enriched. DR. HANS E. JOSEPHSEN, DMin, ThD, PhD. Christian Counselor The Traders' seven-year journey through the many stages of caring for their elderly parents and their passage through dementia is a lesson in life, love, and faith. The narrative of Ann and Winston's story rivals the tellings of Philip Roth. When you infuse such a heartfelt tale with scriptural passages and the calling to ministry that Rick and Martha embody, you are presented with a rare and unique book that will change the way you view the challenges life presents. I heartily endorse ‘When Camels Slide Down Doors...’ MICHAEL J READINGER, President & CEO, The Council for Health & Human Service Ministries, United Church of Christ True to life, ‘When Camels Slide Down Doors...’ recounts the creative ways the authors overcame barriers without losing heart, their senses of humor, and most of all their faith in God. This excellent story will prepare readers for the progression through the disease process, as well as the spiritual growth that it fosters in those who care for these loved ones. DR. NINA BEAMAN, EdD, MSN, RN, Dean of Nursing, Author As a professional who trains chaplains, therapists, and caregivers, I enjoyed reading ‘Camels...’ It is a delightful, at times emotional, personal read which will leave you laughing, sometimes on the edge of tears, and always ready to turn the page. DR. DOUG DICKENS, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Gardner-Webb University/School of Divinity

Six Doors Down

Author : Dr. Donna Clovis
ISBN : 9781504373739
Genre : Fiction
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In this sequel, award-winning journalist Dr. Donna Clovis recounts the stories of Princeton, New Jersey, from the 1960s to the present, through the eyes of its oldest citizens by means of interviews, diaries, and articles. The synchronicity of being at the right place at the right time for the interviews, locations, and journals plays a major role in the construction of the book.

Family Cars Trigger Memoirs

Author : Dr. H. Kenneth Shook
ISBN : 1475908067
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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In 1963, Dr. H. Kenneth Shook attended an auction just four doors down from his apartment in Westminster, Maryland, to buy a typewriter—and instead returned as the home’s new owner. As a photograph is snapped of his wife and son sitting on the tailgate of the station wagon that would be used to transport their belongings just a short way down the street, Shook has no idea that one day, that simple photograph will trigger him to write compilation of memories. In his second volume of memoirs, Shook shares true accounts of his life inspired by his many memories of family cars. Beginning with his first recollections at age four, Shook provides a glimpse back into a time when mothers stayed home with their children, televisions did not have a place in the home, and fathers parked the family car on Main Street on a Saturday night to watch the world go by. As he details his coming-of-age journey through childhood, college, military service, and adulthood, Shook chronicles not only his life experiences, but also the purchases of vehicles that accompanied him on his journey through life that included retired police cars, a Dodge Dart, and a beloved station wagon. Family Cars Trigger Memoirs offers entertaining anecdotes that illustrate the important role that family cars take in one man’s journey through life. The final portions of this book include memoirs triggered by distant travels and memoirs triggered by other people’s memoirs. The author also allows two memoirs from his first book to return for an encore performance.

Beyond Social Capital

Author : Laura K. Graham
ISBN : 9781137518675
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 29. 5 MB
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Drawing on lessons from civil society in Northern Ireland, Beyond Social Capital examines the limitations of social capital theory in deeply divided societies. It draws on an ethnographic study of victim support groups and evidence from policymakers in Northern Ireland to reconceptualize the traditional bonding-bridging distinction in social capital theory. The role of leadership is particularly significant, as the book highlights the complex and compelling ways in which leadership supports and shapes the activities, practices and motivations of the victim self-help industry in Northern Ireland. Multiple dimensions of this industry are explored, including: social and victim policy; private, statutory, and voluntary sector collaboration; the political motivations of victim support groups; and the types of social capital being built in victim groups and the impact that this social capital has on victims and wider elements of the peace process. Importantly, Laura K. Graham challenges the prevailing notion that all forms of social capital are inherently good for civic organizations and associational life. Instead, a new form of social capital existing in divided and post-conflict societies is advanced. This form of social capital, called 'dysfunctional bonding', may have negative impacts, causing distrust within and outside a group and can be particularly problematic for those traumatized by political conflict. With international relevance, this book will be of great interest to those working in post-conflict studies as well as victim studies.

The Diamond S Awakening

Author : Taylor Ward
ISBN : 9781508049005
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54. 24 MB
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Enter The Descendants Universe, with The Diamond’s Awakening, a genre bending sci-fi/fantasy, medieval superhero origin story—full of action, adventure, drama, sword fights, fantastic creatures, and even dinosaurs! Alexandria and her mentor, the last remnants of the Knights of the Old Code, defiantly shuttle the most dangerous powerstone in history across continents in an attempt to keep it out of the Empire’s hand. The king’s evil general, Elton Asp has been stalking them their whole way across Endar-Mattal, and has finally caught up with them. Though the object they both seek, the dreaded Devil’s Diamond of folklore, has other plans, as its power begins to stir... Heiress: Volume One will not disappoint fantasy and science fiction fans of all ages! Published by Creative Edge Publishing Ltd

Treason S Reward

Author : Annay Dawson
ISBN : 9781304420640
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It's hard to tell who the traitors are... ...when they work for the same government agency. Agent Jack Golightly and his best friend, Ward Lowe, are trapped in the jungles of South America with no back up. Waiting for an SOS response team, they rely on Jan, Ward's wife, a former PED agent herself, but they've stumbled onto a huge smuggling ring involving government agencies, headed up by a rival that would like nothing better than to see all three of them, quietly disappear.

Arctic Chill A Harrison Wolffe Mystery

Author : Robert Ziegler
ISBN : 9781462627967
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Murder in the workplace. A malcontented, hateful ex-employee wearing a black ski-mask crashes the offices of a high-tech electronics firm and murders his ex-manager in front of a group of shocked employees. He disappears into the early morning September arctic chill of Fairbanks, Alaska. The CEO brings in San Francisco private investigators Brandon Harrison and Tina Wolffe to investigate the senseless murder and apprehend the killer. The PIs’ initial investigation finds that witnesses of the shooting believe the killer is a Russian named Ivanov, laid-off a month earlier by the victim. A further investigation reveals that the Russian is innocent, but implicates several employees as the victim’s enemies…suspects in murder. Tina Wolffe and Brandon Harrison unveil a complex web of rage, jealousy, and tortured secrets as they close in on the murderer…who is desperately trying to escape their detection. He must stop the PIs at any cost, including murder…and Tina is his next victim.

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