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Introduction To Dislocations

Author : Derek Hull
ISBN : 008096673X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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In materials science, dislocations are irregularities within the crystal structure or atomic scale of engineering materials, such as metals, semi-conductors, polymers, and composites. Discussing this specific aspect of materials science and engineering, Introduction to Dislocations is a key resource for students. The book provides students and practitioners with the fundamental principles required to understand dislocations. Comprised of 10 chapters, the text includes advanced computer modeling and very high-resolution electron microscopy to help readers better understand the structure of atoms close to the core of dislocations. It shows that atomic arrangement has a significant effect on the formation of dislocations and thereby on the properties of solids. The first two chapters of the book present an overview of dislocations. The crystal structures and the various defects and dislocations are discussed, and methods of observation and diagnosis of dislocations are covered. Chapters 3 to 5 discuss the behavior of dislocations and explain how changes in the structure and arrangement of atoms can affect the behavior of dislocations. The three chapters also discuss the mechanical properties of dislocations. The remaining chapters offer a detailed discussion of the mechanisms of dislocations and the mechanical strength of crystalline solids. The book is written for undergraduate- and graduate-level students in both materials science and mechanical engineering. Non-experts and novices working on mechanical properties, mechanisms of deformation and fracture, and properties of materials, as well as industrial and academic researchers, will find this book invaluable. Long-established academic reference by an expert author team, highly regarded for their contributions to the field. Uses minimal mathematics to present theory and applications in a detailed yet easy-to-read manner, making this an understandable introduction to a complex topic. Unlike the main competition, this new edition includes recent developments in the subject and up-to-date references to further reading and research sources.

Introduction To Dislocation

Author : Derek Hull
ISBN : UCSD:31822012593968
Genre : Science
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Dislocations In Solids

Author : Hideji Suzuki
ISBN : 9067640433
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 93 MB
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This volume comprises the Proceedings of the Yamada Conference IX on Dislocations in Solids, held in August 1984 in Tokyo. The purpose of the conference was two-fold: firstly to evaluate the increasing data on basic properties of dislocations and their interaction with other types of defects in solids and, secondly, to increase understanding of the material properties brought about by dislocation-related phenomena. Metals and alloys, semi-conductors and ions crystals were discussed. One of the important points of contention was the electronic state at the core of dislocation. Another was the dislocation model of amorphous structure.

Theory Of Dislocations

Author : Peter M. Anderson
ISBN : 9780521864367
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 9 MB
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Originally published: New York: McGraw-Hill, 1967. Editions published: New York: Wiley, 1982, and Malabar, FL: Krieger, 1992.

Solid State Ionic Devices 5

Author : E. D. Wachsman
ISBN : 9781566776745
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 23 MB
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Solid-state electrochemical devices, such as batteries, fuel cells, membranes, and sensors, are becoming pervasive in our technologically driven lifestyles. The development of these devices involves common research themes such as ion transport, interfacial phenomena, and device design and performance, regardless of the class of materials or whether the solid state is amorphous or crystalline. However, results of recent research in this field tend to be presented in symposia separated along the lines of particular solidstate materials disciplines rather than by phenomena controlling device performance. The papers in this issue of ECS Transactions were presented at the fifth of a series in international symposia "Solid-State Ionic Devices V", at the 212th Electrochemical Society Meeting, in Washington DC, October 7-12, 2007. The intent of the symposia was to provide a forum for current advances in ionically conducting materials and devices that is organized along phenomenological lines, rather than by specific material discipline. The papers in this issue range from the fundamentals of ionic and mixed ionic-electronic transport to device performance and are in keeping with that intent.

Fundamental Aspects Of Dislocation Interactions

Author : G. Kostorz
ISBN : 9781483274928
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 24. 33 MB
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Fundamental Aspects of Dislocation Interactions: Low-Energy Dislocation Structures III covers the papers presented at a European Research Conference on Plasticity of Materials-Fundamental Aspects of Dislocation Interactions: Low-Energy Dislocation Structures III, held on August 30-September 4, 1992 in Ascona, Switzerland. The book focuses on the processes, technologies, reactions, transformations, and approaches involved in dislocation interactions. The selection first offers information on work softening and Hall-Petch hardening in extruded mechanically alloyed alloys and dynamic origin of dislocation structures in deformed solids. Discussions focus on stress-strain behavior in relation to composition, structure, and annealing; comparison of stress-strain curves with work softening theory; sweeping and trapping mechanism; and model of dipolar wall structure formation. The text then ponders on plastic instabilities and their relation to fracture and dislocation and kink dynamics in f.c.c. metals studied by mechanical spectroscopy. The book takes a look at misfit dislocation generation mechanisms in heterostructures and evolution of dislocation structure on the interfaces associated with diffusionless phase transitions. Discussions focus on dislocation representation of a wall of elastic domains; equation of equilibrium of an elastic domain; transformation of dislocations; and theoretical and experimental background. The selection is a valuable reference for readers interested in dislocation interactions.

Introduction To Anisotropic Elasticity Theory Of Dislocations

Author : John Wickham Steeds
ISBN : UOM:39015008084074
Genre : Science
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Stress And Strain In Epitaxy Theoretical Concepts Measurements And Applications

Author : J.-P. Deville
ISBN : 9780080541860
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 23 MB
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This book contains keynote lectures which have been delivered at the 3rd Porquerolles' School on Surface Science, SIR2000 (Surfaces-Interfaces-Relaxation). The aim of this school was to review the main concepts necessary to understand the role of interfacial stress, strain and relaxation in crystal growth by heteroepitaxy. By bringing together scientists from various fields (physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering) which daily use complementary methodological approaches (experiment, theory, modelization), the school allowed to offer 11 multidisciplinary courses. This book addresses the state of art of stress in epitaxial materials, it describes the various methods to measure the atomic displacement and stress fields, it reviews the spectroscopic methods necessary to map the interface chemistry, it details the theoretical methods and concepts which are needed to predict them and it questions the fact that stress and relaxation can induce specific properties in magnetism, catalysis, electron transport and so on. The field of stress and strain in heteroepitaxy has know large developments during the last ten years. New techniques have been used to set up new devices in which functionalities are obtained through structuration at a nanometer scale. Large-scale integration and reduced dimensions are the key factors to optimize the achievements of these devices. Already used in industry (quantum wells, magnetic sensors), these devices are obtained by molecular beam epitaxy, sputtering or pulsed laser deposition. Their reduced dimensionality increased the number of surfaces and interfaces, the role of which has to be precised. Experimentalists try now to associate materials having very different crystal structure and chemical composition. The elastic stress stored in the device can induce various phenomena which have to be evaluated, understood and predicted. The book intends also to show that many questions are still in debate.

Fundamentals Of Radiation Materials Science

Author : Gary S. Was
ISBN : 9783540494720
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is an eye-opening treatise on the fundamentals of the effects of radiation on metals and alloys. When energetic particles strike a solid, numerous processes occur that can change the physical and mechanical properties of the material. Metals and alloys represent an important class of materials that are subject to intense radiation fields. Radiation causes metals and alloys to swell, distort, blister, harden, soften and deform. This textbook and reference covers the basics of particle-atom interaction for a range of particle types, the amount and spatial extent of the resulting radiation damage, the physical effects of irradiation and the changes in mechanical behavior of irradiated metals and alloys.

Language And Masculinities

Author : Tommaso M. Milani
ISBN : 9781317638926
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 21. 83 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume showcases cutting-edge research in the linguistic and discursive study of masculinities, comprising the first significant edited collection on language and masculinities since Johnson and Meinhof’s 1997 volume. Overall, the chapters are linked together by a critical analytical perspective that seeks to understand the relationships between discourse, masculinities, and power. Whereas some of the chapters offer detailed, linguistically informed critiques of the ways in which old and new expressions of masculinities are complicit in the reproduction of men’s hegemonic positions of power, others provide a more complex picture, one in which collusion and subversion go hand in hand. Contributions argue for the need for research on language and masculinities to expand its remit so as to engage with "gay masculinities," and unsettle gendered categories in order to consider the ways in which women, transgender, and intersex individuals also perform a variety of masculinities. Finally, unlike Johnson and Meinhof’s 1997 collection, this volume not only offers a wider—and perhaps "queerer" perspective—on the study of language and masculinities, but also covers a broader geographical and socio-cultural spectrum, including work on Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.

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