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Knowledge And Human Interests

Author : Jürgen Habermas
ISBN : 9780745694177
Genre : Philosophy
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Habermas describes Knowledge and Human Interests as an attempt to reconstruct the prehistory of modern positivism with the intention of analysing the connections between knowledge and human interests. Convinced of the increasing historical and social importance of the natural and behavioural sciences, Habermas makes clear how crucial it is to understand the central meanings and justifications of these sciences. He argues that for too long the relationship between philosophy and science has been distorted. In this extraordinarily wide-ranging book, Habermas examines the principal positions of modern philosophy - Kantianism, Marxism, positivism, pragmatism, hermeneutics, the philosophy of science, linguistic philosophy and phenomenology - to lay bare the structure of the processes of enquiry that determine the meaning and the validity of all our statements which claim objectivity. This edition contains a postscript written by Habermas for the second German edition of Knowledge and Human Interests.

Towards A Synthesis Of A Theory Of Knowledge And Human Interests Educational Technology And Emancipatory Education

Author : John Randall Koetting
ISBN : WISC:89010864379
Genre : Knowledge, Sociology of
File Size : 37. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An Exegesis Of Habermas Knowledge And Human Interests

Author : Tronn Overend
ISBN : 0858160927
Genre : Knowledge, Theory of
File Size : 42. 29 MB
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The Social Relevance Of Philosophy

Author : Colleen K. Flewelling
ISBN : 073910974X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 74. 14 MB
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Can philosophy be socially relevant? Dating back to Socrates' Apology, and beyond Marx's argument that pure philosophical theory without practical application was unattainable, philosophers have had many diverse views about their work, including that it is indispensable, that it is socially irrelevant, and even that it is harmful. Tracing the controversy through history, this book examines eleven philosophers' arguments concerning the question of the social relevance of philosophy, placing each thinker in the appropriate cultural and historical context. Colleen Flewelling focuses particularly on the Frankfurt School, as their program was aimed at producing a socially relevant theory. She suggests that philosophical theory and practice are, in fact, interconnected and that, if properly understood, some forms of philosophy can be socially relevant. The Social Relevance of Philosophy provides a concise, yet thorough, history of the debate on philosophy s role in society. It is essential reading for students and professional philosophers alike."


Author : Garbis Kortian
ISBN : 0521296188
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 82. 98 MB
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Through a critical account of the German philosophical tradition in which it stands, Garbis Kortian discusses Habermas's Knowledge and Human Interests.

Introduction To Critical Theory

Author : David Held
ISBN : 0520041755
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 47. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"This is the first book to present clearly the thought of the Frankfurt school as a whole. . . . A major contribution to the history of social thought. . . . A splendid piece of work."--Mark Poster

Darwinian Dominion

Author : Lewis Petrinovich
ISBN : 0262264048
Genre : Medical
File Size : 74. 13 MB
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The controversial subject of this book is the permissible use of animals by humans. Lewis Petrinovich argues that humans have a set of cognitive abilities, developing from a suite of emotional attachments, that make them unique among species. Although other animals can think, suffer, and have needs, the interests of members of the human species should triumph over comparable interests of members of other species.This book is the third in a trilogy concerned with the morality of various actions that affect the birth, life, and death of organisms. Using principles of moral philosophy, biology, evolutionary theory, neurophysiology, medicine, and cognitive science, Petrinovich discusses such topics as fetal and prenatal development, development of the mind and brain, animal liberation, morality and animal research, the eating of animals, keeping animals in zoos and as pets, and the importance of biodiversity. In the epilogue, he summarizes the main issues and discusses the moral principles governing their resolution.

Discourse Desire And Fantasy In Jurgen Habermas Critical Theory

Author : Kenneth MacKendrick
ISBN : 9781135913175
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 58. 92 MB
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This book argues that Jürgen Habermas’ critical theory can be productively developed by incorporating a wider understanding of fantasy and imagination as part of its conception of communicative rationality and communicative pathologies. Given that meaning is generated both linguistically and performatively, MacKendrick argues that desire and fantasy must be taken into consideration as constitutive aspects of intersubjective relations. His aim is to show that Habermasian social theory might plausibly renew its increasingly severed ties with the early critical theory of the Frankfurt School by taking account of these features of practice life, thus simultaneously rekindling the relevance of the nearly forgotten emancipatory intent in his earlier work and rejuvenating an emphasis on the contemporary critique of reason. This innovative new study will be of interest to those focusing on the early writings of Habermas, the writings of the Frankfurt School, and the relation between critical theory, hermeneutics, and psychoanalysis.

The Frankfurt School And Its Critics

Author : The late Tom Bottomore
ISBN : 9781134451470
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 63. 12 MB
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The Institute of Social Research, from which the Frankfurt School developed, was founded in the early years of the Weimar Republic. It survived the Nazi era in exile, to become an important centre of social theory in the postwar era. Early members of the school, such as Adorno, Horkheimer and Marcuse, developed a form of Marxist theory known as Critical Theory, which became influential in the study of class, politics, culture and ideology. The work of more recent members, and in particular Habermas, has received wide attention throughout Europe and North America. Tom Bottomore's study takes a new and controversial look at the contributions of the Frankfurt School to modern sociology, examining several issues not previously discussed elsewhere. He discusses the neglect of history and political economy by the critical theorists, and considers the relationship of the later Frankfurt School to the radical movements of the 1960s and the present time. His critical analysis makes the school's writers accessible, through an assessment of their work and an exploration of the relationship of Critical Theory to other forms of sociological thought, especially positivism and structuralism.

Foundations Of Morality Human Rights And The Human Sciences

Author : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
ISBN : 9789400969759
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 70 MB
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The essays in this volume constitute a portion of the research program being carried out by the International Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences. Established as an affiliate society of the World Institute for Ad vanced Phenomenological Research and Learning in 1976, in Arezzo, Italy, by the president of the Institute, Dr Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, this particular society is devoted to an exploration of the relevance of phenomenological methods and insights for an understanding of the origins and goals of the specialised human sciences. The essays printed in the first part of the book were originally presented at the Second Congress of this society held at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 12-14 July 1979. The second part of the volume consists of selected essays from the third convention (the Eleventh International Congress of Phenomenology of the World Phenomen ology Institute) held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1981. With the third part of this book we pass into the "Human Rights" issue as treated by the World Phenomenology Institute at the Interamerican Philosophy Congress held in Tallahassee, Florida, also in 1981. The volume opens with a mono graph by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka on the foundations of ethics in the moral practice within the life-world and the social world shown as clearly distinct. The main ideas of this work had been presented by Tymieniecka as lead lectures to the three conferences giving them a tight research-project con sistency.

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