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Author : Beatriz Williams
ISBN : 9781101584903
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF A HUNDRED SUMMERS AND THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT Amiens, France, 1916: Captain Julian Ashford, a British officer in the trenches of the Western Front, is waylaid in the town square by Kate, a beautiful young American. Julian’s never seen her before, but she has information about the reconnaissance mission he’s about to embark on. Who is she? And why did she track him down in Amiens? New York, 2007: A young Wall Street analyst, Kate Wilson learned to rely on logic and cynicism. So why does she fall so desperately in love with Julian Laurence, a billionaire with a mysterious past? What she doesn’t know is that he has been waiting for her...the enchanting woman who emerged from the shadows of the Great War to save his life.

The Chinese Overseas

Author : Hong Liu
ISBN : 041533859X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Guide To Overseas Precedents Of Relevance To Native Title

Author : Shaunnagh Dorsett
ISBN : 0855753374
Genre : Law
File Size : 80. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A comprehensive and easily understood analysis of comparative common law precedents from Canada, the United States and New Zealand that relates to native title and outlines the context in which these decisions were made and their possible applications to Australia.

The Dynamics Of Global Dominance

Author : David B. Abernethy
ISBN : 0300093144
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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'In advancing a theory of imperialism that includes European and non-European actors, and in analyzing economic, social, and cultural as well as political dimensions of empire, Abernethy helps account for Europe's long occupation of global center stage. He also sheds light on key features of today's postcolonial world and on the legacies of empire, concluding with an insightful approach to the moral evaluation of colonialism.'--BOOK JACKET.

Overseas American

Author : Gene H. Bell-Villada
ISBN : 1617032220
Genre : Americans
File Size : 33. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Born in 1941 of a Hawaiian mother and a white father, Gene H. Bell-Villada, grew up an overseas American citizen. An outsider wherever he landed, he never had a ready answer to the innocuous question Where are you from? By the time Bell-Villada was a teenager, he had lived in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Cuba. Though English was his first language, his claim on U.S. citizenship was a hollow one. All he knew of his purported homeland was gleaned from imported comic books and movies. He spoke Spanish fluently, but he never fully fit into the culture of the Latin American countries where he grew up. In childhood, he attended an American Catholic school for Puerto Ricans in San Juan, longing all the while to convert from Episcopalianism so that he could better fit in. Later at a Cuban military school during the height of the Batista dictatorship, he witnessed fervent political debates among the cadets about Fidel Castro's nascent revolution and U.S. foreign policy. His times at the American School in Caracas, Venezuela, are tinged with reminiscences of oil booms and fights between U.S. and Venezuelan teen gangs. When Bell-Villada finally comes to the United States to stay, he finds himself just as rootless as before, moving from New Mexico to Arizona to California to Massachusetts in quick succession. His accounts of life on the campuses of Berkeley and Harvard during the tumultuous 1960s reveal much about the country's climate during the Cold War era. Eventually the Gringo comes home, finding the stability in his marriage and career that allows him to work through and proudly claim his identity as a global nomad. Gene H. Bell-Villada, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is chair of the Department of Romance Languages at Williams College and the author of such books as "Borges and His Fiction: A Guide to His Mind and Art," "The Pianist Who Liked Ayn Rand," and the National Book Critics Circle Award finalist "Art for Art's Sake" and "Literary Life: How Politics and Markets Helped Shape the Ideology and Culture of Aestheticism, 1790-1990."

Teaching English Overseas An Introduction

Author : Sandra McKay
ISBN : 0194328147
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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Looks at the way in which social, political, economic, and cultural factors can influence the language classroom. This book also contains practical suggestions on how to cope with the professional problems and misunderstandings which can occur in overseas contexts. It is useful for native-speaker teachers of English preparing to work overseas.

American Soldiers Overseas

Author : Anni P. Baker
ISBN : 0275973549
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Examines the history and cultural impact of the U.S. military presence around the world, focusing on the two-way exchange, both positive and negative, where societies meet.

The Projection Of Britain

Author : Philip M. Taylor
ISBN : 0521238439
Genre : History
File Size : 38. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book traces the origins and early development of what are today loosely termed Britain's Overseas Information Services. It examines how, at the end of the First World War, the British government came to forfeit the considerable lead it had established in propaganda since 1914, and the reasons why it had gradually to re-enter the field during the inter-war years as a direct response to totalitarianism. It surveys the pioneering work of the Foreign Office News Department and its important press office, the commercial propaganda conducted by the Empire Marketing Board and the Travel Association, the foundation and rapid peacetime growth of the British Council to conduct 'cultural diplomacy', and the beginning of the BBC's World Service with the inauguration of foreign-language broadcasts in 1938.

Migration Indigenization And Interaction

Author : Leo Suryadinata
ISBN : 9789814365918
Genre : Chinese
File Size : 59. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The twelve chapters included in this book address various issues related to Chinese migration, indigenization and exchange with special reference to the era of globalization. As the waves of Chinese migration started in the last century, the emphasis, not surprisingly, is placed on the OC migrant statesOCO rather than OC indigenous statesOCO. Nevertheless, many chapters are also concerned with issues of OC settling downOCO and OC becoming part of the local scenesOCO. However, the settling/integrating process has been interrupted by a globalizing world, new Chinese migration and the rise of China at the end of 20th century.

Overseas Research

Author : Christopher Brendan Barrett
ISBN : 0801855144
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 49. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Overseas Research: A Practical Guide is the first book designed explicitly to prepare scholars and professionals for the real-life challenges of living and working abroad. Opening with a discussion of site selection and project funding, the authors advise researchers on preparing for departure, setting up residence in the field, conducting research in an unfamiliar environment, employing field assistants, and organizing for and adjusting to the return home. The text is supplemented with insights, anecdotes, and tips from more than sixty scholars in a wide variety of disciplines, who conducted research in more than forty countries.

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