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Power Encounters

Author : David Powlison
ISBN : 0801071380
Genre : Religion
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A critique of the deliverance ministries movement, showing positive and negative sides of its fascination with the demonic and sensational accounts, with guidelines for a more biblical approach.

Paradise Restored

Author : David Chilton
ISBN : OCLC:808512474
Genre :
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Power Encounter In Spiritual Warfare

Author : Charles H. Kraft
ISBN : 9781532617140
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44. 21 MB
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Acceptance of Christianity in Southern Polynesia during the eighteenth century proceeded rapidly without missionary activity. This fact attracted the attention of Alan Tippett, who served for twenty years as an Australian missionary to the Fiji Islands. What he found was that the key to their conversion lay in the fact that, without missionary presence, the south sea islanders responded to demonstrations of what Tippett learned to call "power encounters." These were contests, some staged, some not staged, in which there was a power encounter between the true God and the gods of the islanders in which the traditional gods were defeated. Kraft here discusses the fact that this power principle applies much more widely.

Encounters With Power

Author : José Luis Stevens
ISBN : 9781622037940
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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A Shamanic Odyssey of Discovery When you leave the beaten path of civilization, you enter the world of primal and mysterious forces—and encounter wonders you never thought possible. This is the territory of the shaman. To learn the secrets of shamanism, José Luis Stevens has traveled to the remote and wild places where the oldest human spiritual practice still exists in its purest form. With Encounters with Power, this respected teacher invites you to experience his journeys to meet shamans around the globe—and share in the wisdom he received. Join this master storyteller as he recounts his meetings with Spirit in its many guises, including: • India and the Life-Changing Reading—at a turning point in his life, Jose receives a startlingly accurate prophecy • Lost in Mexico—a humbling education in the difference between “power” and “control” • The Guatemala Test and Initiation—the power of being frugal with judgment and generous with forgiveness • Encounters with the Power of Aborigines and Songlines Down Under—sometimes the teacher appears when the student is not ready • Journeys for Power with Medicine—visions with the plant spirit of ayahuasca • A Magical Andes Wedding—an unforgettable ceremony attended by people, spirits, and the forces of nature • The Dolphin Brujos—nature’s tricksters teach a sharp lesson in responsibility and humility • Encounters with the Dark Shaman—a perilous jungle journey reveals the ferocity of nature and the dangerous side of shamanic practice • Nevado Aconcagua: Pilgrimage to a Sacred Mountain—how a holy place can be both a dangerous trial and a source of limitless support Power is everywhere—encounters with power can happen any time. “In my travels to meet these extraordinary healers,” writes José, “I’ve had terrifying, enlightening, and at times hugely entertaining adventures. Power can destroy us or it can raise us up by teaching us and nourishing us. I may not be a master, but I have learned a few things that you may find helpful on your own quest.”

Walk Around The World

Author : Marilynne E. Foster
ISBN : 0875096395
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84. 39 MB
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The Walk Around the World series consists of compelling first-person missionary accounts designed to stimulate God's people to intercessory prayer for lost peoples and those who minister to them.

When The Spirit Comes With Power

Author : John White
ISBN : 083087769X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36. 25 MB
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John White has extensively interviewed many people, including those from John Wimber's Vineyard Christian Fellowship. His years of work as a psychiatrist and as a missionary in the Third World qualify him in a special way to analyze the experiences described in this book. In addition he has thoroughly studied revivals of the past, highlighting the differences and the similarities to what is happening today. As always, John White remains thoroughly biblical as he handles many controversial topics. The result is a book full of pracitcal wisdom and remarkable insight with conclusions that are fresh and surprising.

Narrative Power

Author : L. Timmel Duchamp
ISBN : 1933500344
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 19 MB
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"A mix of established and new writers join several scholars in considering the politics of narrative manifested in fiction, history, and science"--Back cover.

Jews And Power

Author : Ruth R. Wisse
ISBN : 9780307533135
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Part of the Jewish Encounter series Taking in everything from the Kingdom of David to the Oslo Accords, Ruth Wisse offers a radical new way to think about the Jewish relationship to power. Traditional Jews believed that upholding the covenant with God constituted a treaty with the most powerful force in the universe; this later transformed itself into a belief that, unburdened by a military, Jews could pursue their religious mission on a purely moral plain. Wisse, an eminent professor of comparative literature at Harvard, demonstrates how Jewish political weakness both increased Jewish vulnerability to scapegoating and violence, and unwittingly goaded power-seeking nations to cast Jews as perpetual targets. Although she sees hope in the State of Israel, Wisse questions the way the strategies of the Diaspora continue to drive the Jewish state, echoing Abba Eban's observation that Israel was the only nation to win a war and then sue for peace. And then she draws a persuasive parallel to the United States today, as it struggles to figure out how a liberal democracy can face off against enemies who view Western morality as weakness. This deeply provocative book is sure to stir debate both inside and outside the Jewish world. Wisse's narrative offers a compelling argument that is rich with history and bristling with contemporary urgency. From the Hardcover edition.

New Age Masquerade

Author : Jonathan Welton
ISBN : 9781483527222
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By far this is the most unique regarding the New Age Movement from a Christian Perspective. Jonathan Welton reveals the history of the New Age Movement from Swedenborgism to the Modern New Age, while demonstrating that each of the movements leaders originally had roots within Christianity. The New Age isn't a Christian movement, but it is a movement away from a Christian foundation. Other Topics covered: What is the difference between a Christian and a New Ager” Are we to have showdowns like Elijah vs the Prophets of Baal? How do we discern the counterfeit from the authentic? Are you curious about what the Bible says about: The Age of Aquarius, the silver cord, necromancy, the Zodiac, ESP, Automatic writing, ectoplasm, and zombies? This book is for you! From the forward by Patricia King: Jonathan Welton has done a tremendous job writing New Age masquerade. In it, he brilliantly discloses the biblical foundations that have been counterfeited in specific New Age Practices... In now way is this book meant to invite the reader to embrace New Age practices or the deceptive roots that lie beneath those practices.

Vital Contemporary Issues

Author : Roy Zuck
ISBN : 9781592448517
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Vital'...pertaining to life; essential; of critical importance. 'Contemporary'...of the present time; belonging to the same time or period. 'Issues'...a point or matter, the decision of which is of special or public importance. How does the Christian faith affect our understanding of vital contemporary issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and the AIDS crisis? How can we evaluate the moral conflicts of our era from the perspective of biblical truth, and what does the Bible say about social issues, modern-day claims to miraculous gifts, and the tragedy of suicide? 'Vital Contemporary Issues: Examining Current Questions and Controversies' draws upon the insights and studies of numerous evangelical scholars and writers to address crucial moral and social concerns. Some of the chapters included in this volume are: Biblical Absolutes and Moral Conflicts by Norman L. Geisler Euthanasia: A Biblical Approach by J. Kerby Anderson The Church and the AIDS Crisis by Timothy D. Howell Evangelical Pluralism: A Singular Problem by W. Gary Phillips Christian readers, church leaders, and pastors alike will appreciate the insight and guidance of 'Vital Contemporary Issues'.

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