saving america 7 proven steps to make government deliver great results

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Saving America

Author : Mark Aesch
ISBN : 9781629561561
Genre : Political Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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National polling indicates that, for the first time in American history, people believe their children will not be as well off as they are. Even more alarming, is that many Americans believe the biggest problem facing our nation today is government itself. The public sector receives trillions of taxpayer dollars every year, and yet because of its inability to operate effectively, government fails to deliver the quality of service we are paying for. It is clear the American people are weary of paying Ritz Carlton-level taxes for Bates Motel-quality government. In Saving America, Mark Aesch tells us where government—at the local, state, and federal level—is falling short and offers a coherent, non-partisan, seven-step plan for rebuilding our nation’s public agencies. The book is not a political broadside nor is it theoretical; instead, it’s an inspirational and instructional framework that will help citizens, elected officials, and public administrators make American government great—and provide taxpayers with real value. The 7 Steps to Success will lead to measurable gains for organizations large and small, including school systems, municipal governments, entire states, and even the federal government itself, producing real results for taxpayers and consumers.

Driving Excellence

Author : Mark Aesch
ISBN : 9781401396466
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Driving Excellence tells the inspiring story of one man who, with no formal business training, turned an entire industry on its head. Mark Aesch proves that we really can run government like a business, and provide value to taxpayers and shareholders alike. When Aesch took over the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority in 2004, it was operating with a 27.7-million-dollar deficit, and was poised to raise fares, lay off employees, and slash service. Under Aesch's leadership, those deficits have been eradicated and replaced with multimillion-dollar surpluses; reliance on taxpayer subsidies has been reduced; demand for service has increased at rates three times the national average; and in an unprecedented move, the fare at the Authority's two largest subsidiaries were actually reduced. In Driving Excellence, Aesch shows readers how to create a culture built around selflessness rather than ego, and get employees invested in saving the company. In describing the transition from an ailing business to one that enjoys stunning success--lower fares, multi-million surpluses, and the highest ridership and customer satisfaction levels in twenty years--Aesch offers powerful principles that any organization can implement to achieve exceptional results.

Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States Barack Obama 2009

Author :
ISBN : 9780160880070
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64. 10 MB
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Each Public Papers volume contains the papers and speeches of the President of the United States issued by the Office of the Press Secretary during the specified time period. The material is presented in chronological order, and the dates shown in the headings are the dates of the documents or events. In instances when the release date differs from the date of the document itself, that fact is shown in the text note. The appendixes in each Public Papers volume provide listings of a digest of the Presdient's daily schedule and meetings, when announced, and other items of general interest issed by the Officeof the Press Secretary; The President's nominations submitted to the Senate; A checklist of materials released by the Office of the Press Secretary that are not printed full-text in the book; and a table of Proclamations, Executive orders, and other Presidential documents released by the Office of the Press Secretary and published in the Federal Register.

Government Gone Wild

Author : Kristin Tate
ISBN : 9781455566228
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 55. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With humor and a modern perspective, young conservative journalist Kristin Tate points out what's broken in our government and shows readers how they can fix it. Do you really think you're "free?" #LOL. D.C. politicians ship our friends and family overseas to fight in wars we shouldn't be fighting. They monitor our emails, record our phone calls, and peer into our snail mail. They spend our hard-earned cash on things no disciplined family would buy. They tell us who we can marry and what we can put in our bodies. They throw us in overcrowded prisons for smoking pot. They take lavish trips around the world, staying in five-star hotels... and it comes straight out of our paychecks. This isn't freedom. Government Gone Wild is a brash, bold ride through the carnival of absurdities that our broken system has become. This isn't about Democrats vs. Republicans... it's about inspiring hard working Americans to give a damn so we can take our country back. This is your wakeup call. You're not anywhere near as free as you think you are - but you can be. We're not as prosperous as we once were - but we can be.

I Can Fix America

Author : David Duley
ISBN : 0984780106
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If you are like many Americans, you are deeply concerned about our country's future. A dysfunctional and destructive political environment, an epidemic of poor corporate stewardship, and a culture of unhealthy lifestyles, both physically and morally, have created a recipe for disaster. The America that thousands of brave men and women died to protect is in jeopardy. Generations of the past were called upon to fight for our way of life through war and financial sacrifice. Now it is our turn to grab the bull by the horns and fix America. This is our call to duty. “I Can Fix America” is a simple book that will save our country. Inside it you will find 52 common sense ways that you can make the United States great again, ideas that any one of us can put to work today. Gone are the days of waiting on government, business and unions to “do the right thing.” They have proven themselves incapable of rising to the occasion. It is solely up to you to make it happen in your life, your community and your family. This book will get you started. Inside are only words. We've seen what only words can do, and it's not pretty or productive. The difference will happen when you use these words to fix America. It's not about talk; it's about action. I can fix America.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Author : Donald Waters
ISBN : 9780749464264
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Vulnerability to sudden supply chain disruption is one of the major threats facing companies today. The challenge for businesses today is to mitigate this risk through creating resilient supply chains. Addressing this need, Supply Chain Risk Management guides you through the whole risk management process from start to finish. Using jargon-free language, this accessible book covers the fundamentals of managing risk in supply chains. From identifying the risks to developing and implementing a risk management strategy, this essential text covers everything you need to know about this critical topic. It assesses the growing impact of risk on supply chains, how to plan for and manage disruptions and disasters, and how to mitigate their effects. It examines a whole range of risks to supply chains, from traffic congestion to major environmental disasters. Highly practical, Supply Chain Risk Management provides a range of useful tables, diagrams and tools and is interspersed with real life case study examples from leading companies, including Nokia, IBM, and BP. The 2nd edition has been completely revised with brand new case studies on the Chilean Mining Disaster and BP oil spill.

American Legal News

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924060757147
Genre : Law
File Size : 35. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Best Care At Lower Cost

Author : Institute of Medicine
ISBN : 9780309282819
Genre : Medical
File Size : 60. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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America's health care system has become too complex and costly to continue business as usual. Best Care at Lower Cost explains that inefficiencies, an overwhelming amount of data, and other economic and quality barriers hinder progress in improving health and threaten the nation's economic stability and global competitiveness. According to this report, the knowledge and tools exist to put the health system on the right course to achieve continuous improvement and better quality care at a lower cost. The costs of the system's current inefficiency underscore the urgent need for a systemwide transformation. About 30 percent of health spending in 2009--roughly $750 billion--was wasted on unnecessary services, excessive administrative costs, fraud, and other problems. Moreover, inefficiencies cause needless suffering. By one estimate, roughly 75,000 deaths might have been averted in 2005 if every state had delivered care at the quality level of the best performing state. This report states that the way health care providers currently train, practice, and learn new information cannot keep pace with the flood of research discoveries and technological advances. About 75 million Americans have more than one chronic condition, requiring coordination among multiple specialists and therapies, which can increase the potential for miscommunication, misdiagnosis, potentially conflicting interventions, and dangerous drug interactions. Best Care at Lower Cost emphasizes that a better use of data is a critical element of a continuously improving health system, such as mobile technologies and electronic health records that offer significant potential to capture and share health data better. In order for this to occur, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, IT developers, and standard-setting organizations should ensure that these systems are robust and interoperable. Clinicians and care organizations should fully adopt these technologies, and patients should be encouraged to use tools, such as personal health information portals, to actively engage in their care. This book is a call to action that will guide health care providers; administrators; caregivers; policy makers; health professionals; federal, state, and local government agencies; private and public health organizations; and educational institutions.

As America Has Done To Israel

Author : John McTernan
ISBN : 9781600345456
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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Prepper S Natural Medicine

Author : Cat Ellis
ISBN : 9781612434636
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 58. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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