scattered the forced relocation of poland s ukrainians after world war ii

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Author : Diana Howansky Reilly
ISBN : 9780299293437
Genre : History
File Size : 64. 78 MB
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Following World War II, the communist government of Poland forcibly relocated the country's Ukrainian minority by means of a Soviet-Polish population exchange and then a secretly planned action code-named Operation Vistula. In Scattered, Diana Howansky Reilly recounts these events through the experiences of three siblings caught up in the conflict, during a turbulent period when compulsory resettlement was a common political tactic used against national minorities to create homogenous states. Born in the Lemko region of southeastern Poland, Petro, Melania, and Hania Pyrtej survived World War II only to be separated by political decisions over which they had no control. Petro relocated with his wife to Soviet Ukraine during the population exchange of 1944–46, while his sisters Melania and Hania were resettled to western Poland through Operation Vistula in 1947. As the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fought resettlement, the Polish government meanwhile imprisoned suspected sympathizers within the Jaworzno concentration camp. Melania, Reilly's maternal grandmother, eventually found her way to the United States during Poland's period of liberalization in the 1960s. Drawing on oral interviews and archival research, Reilly tells a fascinating, true story that provides a bottom-up perspective and illustrates the impact of extraordinary historical events on the lives of ordinary people. Tracing the story to the present, she describes survivors' efforts to receive compensation for the destruction of their homes and communities. Silver Medal for World History, Independent Publisher Book Awards Finalist, Housatonic Book Awards Finalist in History, Foreword Books of the Year

The Culmination Of Conflict

Author : Stephen Rapawy
ISBN : 9783838268552
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 95 MB
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As Germany fought the Soviet Union during World War II, a much smaller but equally vicious struggle was unfolding in southeastern Poland, fueled by longstanding ethnic and territorial conflicts between Poles and Ukrainians. Both sides organized large partisan armies and sought control over territory each deemed integral to their postwar national visions. The violence reached a fever pitch in the years immediately following the war. This comprehensive study surveys Polish–Ukrainian relations dating back to the tenth century. Rapawy follows centuries of ethnic strife, population shifts, and the formation of national states after the First World War on multi-ethnic territories, illuminating the long-term historical processes that informed later events.

Ukrainian Otherlands

Author : Natalia Khanenko-Friesen
ISBN : 9780299303440
Genre : History
File Size : 64. 61 MB
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Exploring a rich array of folk traditions that developed in the Ukrainian diaspora and in Ukraine during the twentieth century, "Ukrainian Otherlands" is an innovative exploration of modern ethnic identity and the deeply felt (but sometimes deeply different) understandings of ethnicity in homeland and diaspora.

Historical Atlas Of Central Europe

Author : Paul Robert Magocsi
ISBN : 0802084869
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This newly-revised edition of the Historical Atlas of Central Europe enhances its formidable scholarship by extending its reach from the early fifth century through the turbulent 1990s to end in the year 2000. The atlas encompasses the countries of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece. Also included are the eastern part of Germany (historic Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Prussia, Saxony, and Lusatia), Bavaria, Austria, northeastern Italy (historic Venetia), the lands of historic Poland-Lithuania (present-day Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine up to the Dnieper River), Moldova and western Turkey. The atlas is basically chronological with eighty-nine full-colour maps and accompanying text. Numerous tables and lists provide related statistical and demographic material. Especially useful is the detailed index, which includes hundreds of variant place names. This revised edition includes twenty new maps and eleven new chapters, most of which deal with those countries that gained (or regained) their independence during the last decade. The Historical Atlas of Central Europe will be invaluable to scholars, diplomats, journalists, students, and general readers who wish to have a fuller understanding of this critical area, with its many peoples, languages, and continued political upheaval.

Historical Dictionary Of Russian And Soviet Foreign Policy

Author : Norman E. Saul
ISBN : 9781442244375
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 26. 2 MB
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The conduct of the foreign relations of the Russian state in its several contexts—Kiev Rus, Muscovy, Russian Empire, Provisional Government, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Russian Federation—were unique in its common currents from the beginning to the present. Geography was certainly a key factor, located in the center of the world's largest land mass and surrounded by often hostile forces. “All of the Russias” had to confront the problems of open frontiers and the conduct of relations with a number of adjacent states of different ethnicity, and with many that were more distant. No other nation states had to face such complex and divergent circumstances over their histories. Most other Great Powers were neighbors of similar states in culture and historical background, whereas Russia had to deal with Asian, as well as European countries. The Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Foreign Policy covers the history through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 700 cross-referenced entries on important individuals, events, and other aspects of the foreign policy of this important country. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Russian foreign policy.


Author : Krystyna Mihulka
ISBN : 9781613734445
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Few people are aware that in the aftermath of German and Soviet invasions and division of Poland, more than 1.5 million people were deported from their homes in Eastern Poland to remote parts of Russia. Half of them died in labor camps and prisons or simply vanished, some were drafted into the Russian army, and a small number returned to Poland after the war. Those who made it out of Russia alive were lucky—and nine-year-old Krystyna Mihulka was among them. In this childhood memoir, Mihulka tells of her family's deportation, under cover of darkness and at gunpoint, and their life as prisoners on a Soviet communal farm in Kazakhstan, where they endured starvation and illness and witnessed death for more than two years. This untold history is revealed through the eyes of a young girl struggling to survive and to understand the increasingly harsh world in which she finds herself.

Ordinary Men

Author : Christopher R. Browning
ISBN : 0060995068
Genre : History
File Size : 81. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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The shocking account of how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews.

Old Nazis The New Right And The Republican Party

Author : Russ Bellant
ISBN : 0896084183
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42. 92 MB
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A provocative, sometimes chilling expose of domestic fascist networks, which include Nazi collaborators within the Republican Party.

Not So Strange Bedfellows

Author : Jim Jose
ISBN : 9781443865845
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46. 18 MB
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At the intersection of politics and religion is a nexus of belief in doctrine and adherence to socio-political cultural conventions. Lines of communication and methods of belonging permeate both spheres, enabling their respective participants, especially the (often self-described) ‘true believers’, to bond and belong, and most importantly to adhere to their various belief systems. Traditionally, this nexus has been approached from a standpoint that posits the idea of secularity as the governing principle. The authors in this volume challenge this orthodoxy. They examine a diverse range of historical and geographic locations involving markedly different religious and political movements. They explore how nation-states develop political religions, how they actively promote a politics infused with religiosity, and how they transfer symbols and meanings from one socio-political construct to another. Despite markedly different philosophical differences, the contributors repudiate the currently dominant orthodoxies on the relationship between religion and politics. They demonstrate that ‘secular’ democracy is not radically separate from religion. Nation-states actively participate in the construction of this nexus even as they extol their commitment to secular values. In so doing, they demonstrate that secularity as it is currently understood remains deeply implicated in the nexus between religion and politics in the twenty-first century.


Author : Adam Zamoyski
ISBN : STANFORD:36105124147385
Genre : Poland
File Size : 27. 60 MB
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When Adam Zamoyski first wrote his history of Poland, in the 1980s, the country was in a state of subjugation, its living culture largely surviving only underground or in exile. Although the election of Karol Wojty?a as Pope John Paul II and the dramatic rise of Solidarno?? had brought Poland into the world's consciousness, it was not until the collapse of the Soviet empire in 1989 that it returned to life as a political entity.No nation's history has been so distorted as that of Poland. In 1797 Russia, Prussia and Austria divided the country up among themselves, rewriting history to give the impression that Poland had never been a fully sovereign state, only a backwater that needed civilising. In fact the country they had wiped off the map had been one of the largest and most richly varied in Europe, embracing a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions, accommodated within one of the boldest constitutional experiments ever attempted. Its destruction initiated a series of struggles that culminated in the two world wars and the Cold War.Today, after the turmoil of the past two centuries, Poland has been restored to its rightful place as one of the most homogeneous and vigorous nations of Europe. Adam Zamoyski's full revision of his classic history is perfectly timed.

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