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Speech Genres And Other Late Essays

Author : M. M. Bakhtin
ISBN : 9780292782877
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 62. 97 MB
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Speech Genres and Other Late Essays presents six short works from Bakhtin's Esthetics of Creative Discourse, published in Moscow in 1979. This is the last of Bakhtin's extant manuscripts published in the Soviet Union. All but one of these essays (the one on the Bildungsroman) were written in Bakhtin's later years and thus they bear the stamp of a thinker who has accumulated a huge storehouse of factual material, to which he has devoted a lifetime of analysis, reflection, and reconsideration.

Read Him Again And Again

Author : Andrew Zack Lewis
ISBN : 9781630871192
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69. 83 MB
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In Read Him Again and Again, Andrew Zack Lewis explores the reception history of the book of Job and the hermeneutical presuppositions of its interpreters. He pays special attention to the interpretations of Soren Kierkegaard (in his "Upbuilding Discourse" on Job 1:21 and his philosophical novella Repetition), Wilhelm Vischer (in his essay "Hiob, ein Zeuge Jesu Christi"), and Karl Barth (in Church Dogmatics IV.3.1). In looking at Job in these works Lewis examines how each of the thinkers' contexts influence their writings and their understanding of Job. Read Him Again and Again begins with a discussion on the importance of reception history in biblical studies by walking through Mikhail Bakhtin's theories on great time and the chronotope. Great texts, Bakhtin argues, continue to live and grow even after their completion and canonization, expanding in meaning as more readers participate in their interpretations. This is certainly true of the book of Job and Read Him Again and Again shows not only how Kierkegaard, Vischer, and Barth read Job, but also how they inherit the Job of their predecessors in the Christian tradition, maintaining features of earlier allegorical interpretive strategies while remaining firmly established in the critical era.

The Rebirth Of Dialogue

Author : James P. Zappen
ISBN : 9780791484906
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 59. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers a fundamental rethinking of the rhetorical tradition as dialogue.

Journal For The Evangelical Study Of The Old Testament 4 1

Author : Stephen Andrews
ISBN : 9781498235358
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament (JESOT) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the academic and evangelical study of the Old Testament. The journal seeks to fill a need in academia by providing a venue for high-level scholarship on the Old Testament from an evangelical standpoint. The journal is not affiliated with any particular academic institution, and with an international editorial board, open access format, and multi-language submissions, JESOT cultivates and promotes Old Testament scholarship in the evangelical global community. The journal differs from many evangelical journals in that it seeks to publish current academic research in the areas of ancient Near Eastern backgrounds, Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinics, Linguistics, Septuagint, Research Methodology, Literary Analysis, Exegesis, Text Criticism, and Theology as they pertain only to the Old Testament. JESOT also includes up-to-date book reviews on various academic studies of the Old Testament.

Towards A New Material Aesthetics

Author : Alastair Renfrew
ISBN : 9781900755948
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 71. 25 MB
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Set in the context of the various materialist approaches to literary aesthetics that emerged in the twentieth century, Renfrew's study presents a new synthesis of the work of Mikhail Bakhtin (1895-1975) and his circle, Russian Formalism, and elements of the 'official' ideology of the early Soviet period. The book's central aim in offering such a synthesis is to negotiate the poles of postmodernist subjectivism and 'traditional' materialism around which much current literary and critical theory has stagnated, and, as the title suggests, to point the way towards a newly conceived material basis for textual and literary analysis.

Face To Face

Author : Carol Adlam
ISBN : 9780567105318
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 81. 45 MB
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So far, in the West, the dissemination of Bakhtinian thought has proceeded with little or no awareness of contemporary approaches to Bakhtin in his homeland. This collection offers unprecedented access to leading Russian research in juxtaposition with important Western scholarship on Bakhtin. Taking its cue from Bakhtin as founder of dialogical criticism, Face to Face aims to stimulate dialogue across disciplines and national boundaries.

Mikhail Bakhtin

Author : Alastair Renfrew
ISBN : 9781317573340
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 86. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mikhail Bakhtin was one of the twentieth century’s most influential literary theorists. This accessible introduction to his thought begins with the questions ‘Why Bakhtin?’ and ‘Who was Bakhtin?’, before dealing in detail with his ideas on authorship and subjecthood, language, dialogism, heteroglossia and the novel, the chronotope, and the carnivalesque. True to their dialogic spirit, these ideas are presented not as a fixed body of knowledge, but rather as living and evolving entities, as ways of approaching not only the most persistent questions of language and literature, but also issues that are relevant across the full range of Humanities disciplines. Bakhtin emerges in the process as a key thinker for the Humanities in the twenty-first century.

Divining The Woman Of Endor

Author : J. Kabamba Kiboko
ISBN : 9780567673688
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42. 85 MB
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An examination of the language of divination in the Hebrew Bible, particularly in 1 Samuel 28:3-25-the oft-called "Witch of EndorÂ?? passage. Kiboko contends that much of the vocabulary of divination in this passage and beyond has been mistranslated in authorized English and other translations used in Africa and in scholarly writings. Kiboko argues that the woman of Endor is not a witch. The woman of Endor is, rather, a diviner, much like other ancient Near Eastern and modern African diviners. She resists an inner-biblical conquest theology and a monologic authoritarian view of divination to assist King Saul by various means, including invoking the spirit of a departed person, Samuel. Kiboko carries out a Hebrew word-study shaped by the theories of Mikhail M. Bakhtin regarding the utterance, heteroglossia, and dialogism in order to understand the designative, connotative, emotive, and associative meanings of the many divinatory terms in the Hebrew Bible. She then examines 1 Samuel 28 and a number of prior translations thereof, using the ideological framework of African-feminist-postcolonial biblical interpreters and translation theories to uncover the hidden ideology or transcript of these translations. Finally, using African contextual/cultural hermeneutics and cross-cultural translation theory, Kiboko offers new English, French, and Kisanga translations of this passage that are both faithful to the original text and more appropriate to an inculturated-liberation African Christian hermeneutic, theology, and praxis.

Speaking Of Violence

Author : Sara Cobb PhD
ISBN : 9780199826254
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 65. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the context of ongoing or historical violence, people tell stories about what happened, who did what to whom and why. Yet frequently, the speaking of violence reproduces the social fractures and delegitimizes, again, those that struggle against their own marginalization. This speaking of violence deepens conflict and all too often perpetuates cycles of violence. Alternatively, sometimes people do not speak of the violence and it is erased, buried with the bodies that bear it witness. This reduces the capacity of the public to address issues emerging in the aftermath of violence and repression. This book takes the notion of "narrative" as foundational to conflict analysis and resolution. Distinct from conflict theories that rely on accounts of attitudes or perceptions in the heads of individuals, this narrative perspective presumes that meaning, structured and organized as narrative processes, is the location for both analysis of conflict, as well as intervention. But meaning is political, in that not all stories can be told, or the way they are told delegitimizes and erases others. Thus, the critical narrative theory outlined in this book offers a normative approach to narrative assessment and intervention. It provides a way of evaluating narrative and designing "better-formed" stories: "better" in that they are generative of sustainable relations, creating legitimacy for all parties. In so doing, they function aesthetically and ethically to support the emergence of new histories and new futures. Indeed, critical narrative theory offers a new lens for enabling people to speak of violence in ways that undermine the intractability of conflict

Bakhtin Between East And West

Author : Karine Zbinden
ISBN : 9781904350545
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 72. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mikhail Bakhtin (1895-1975) has had an enormous influence on literary studies and cultural theory. Bakhtin between East and West: Cross-Cultural Transmission looks beyond the concepts of carnival and dialogue and traces for the first time the transformation of the Bakhtin Circle's thought from its introduction to the West in Julia Kristeva's seminal late-1960s theory of intertextuality, through Tzvetan Todorov's landmark study and on to contemporary interpretations. The notion of sociality in all its problematic complexity provides the red thread guiding us through this historical and thematic examination of Western and Russian Bakhtin studies. As a critical evaluation of Bakhtin scholarship across various cultures and a celebration of the vigour of the Circle's legacy, this is an invaluable resource for scholars and students with an interest in Bakhtin and critical theory.

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