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Priests For The Third Millennium

Author : Timothy Michael Dolan
ISBN : 0879733195
Genre : Reference
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Speaks frankly about the very tough issues priests face today, without euphemizing, offering practical, Christ-focused solutions to problems. Written by Archbishop Dolan who spent many years training priests, this is the surprisingly comprehensive book every priest should read to prepare for the years to come.

The Priests

Author : James M. Miller
ISBN : 1925048667
Genre : Adult child sexual abuse victims
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The Priests is the true story of one man's survival of abuse at the hands of a most dangerous type - priests without belief. James Miller grew up in Newcastle. He attended Pius X secondary College in 1978. He was keen surfer and gifted academically, which drew the attentions of the Principal, Father Brennan, and his deputy, Father Helferty. Aided by his deputy, Brennan found many occasions in which he asked to see James alone, and then sexually abused him, transforming James's naturally sunny easy-going disposition into one wracked with self-loathing and shame. Confused and bewildered by what was happening to him, James began drinking and secretly self-harming. Any thoughts about telling what had happened to him were abandoned after he left school and married Kate, discovering too late that she was Brennan's niece. With the family connection now firmly established Brennan used subtle - and not so subtle - forms of mental and emotional intimidation to blackmail and threaten James into keeping his silence. His only plan to escape was to become so successful that he would be out of the clutches of these predatory men. He became a barrister, moved to Sydney and joined a prestigious law firm. However his internal life was a wreck. He was terrified someone would find out what had happened to him, and his marriage crumbled. He also developed a serious substance abuse problem. Out of the blue he was contacted by another former student of St Pius, asking him to appear as a witness in his lawsuit against Father Brennan for sexual abuse. James had now become such a successful barrister that his evidence would be highly regarded. James was horrified. He knew that if he appeared at the court case, he would be forced to reveal what happened to him. Worse, he was then contacted by the Father Brennan himself, who in an act of Machiavellian manipulation asked for James' help to defend him. James became very distressed and had a breakdown, eventually losing his job and becoming homeless, before finding the internal fortitude to resurrect himself and his life. The implied threats and the potential for blackmail from Father Brennan first kept James in Newcastle and then silenced him from speaking out. In 2015 he began a lawsuit against the Newcastle-Maitland Diocese. In writing this memoir, he is speaking out on behalf of victims of institutional abuse everywhere, giving them a voice, and giving them hope that they can be heard and have their hurt acknowledged.

Why Priests

Author : Paul Josef Cordes
ISBN : 9781594170867
Genre : Pastoral theology
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Why Priests

Author : Garry Wills
ISBN : 0143124390
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41. 68 MB
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The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of What Jesus Meant outlines a provocative assessment of the role of the priesthood to evaluate its relevance in today's world, exploring both sides of the argument and drawing on historical examples to consider whether or not Christianity would be stronger without priests. Reprint.

Napoleon Vs The Priests

Author : Jack Kane
ISBN : 1467091596
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43. 29 MB
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In St. Francis Assisi, the parish priest ruled supreme of over all of his “lambs" with the exception of one. Napoleon LeGrand, a rich farmer and father of eighteen children would perform manual labor for the church, but when it came time to pay the tithe, the means he took to circumvent his yearly Christian duty remain legendary as the heated debates which ensued.

The Priests Of Ancient Egypt

Author : Serge Sauneron
ISBN : 0801486548
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 43 MB
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Using as his sources the Egyptian texts and the testimony of classical authors, Serge Sauneron illuminates the role of the priesthood in Ancient Egypt.

Gathering The Priests

Author : Dan Harwell
ISBN : 9781602666757
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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There is a powerful sound ringing out around the Earth today, a call to gather together believers from all across the world that will make up a strategic end-time remnant--the remnant of the priests. Within the pages of this book is a message that has the potential to radically change destiny. (Christian)

The Inner Life Of Priests

Author : Gerard J. McGlone
ISBN : 9780814634387
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 2 MB
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The Inner Life of Priests is a landmark exploration of how the categories and practices of psychology are contributing to a new health and vitality in the priesthood. Authors McGlone and Sperry (both nationally-recognized experts on the integration of psychology and spirituality in priestly life), investigate issues and answer questions that concern those invested in the healthy ministry of priests everyone from the people in the pews to those in Church leadership. They include: How has psychology helped us understand both mental and spiritual health of those applying to Catholic seminaries and then serving in priestly ministry? How has it shaped understanding of key issues like affective maturity, cultural competency and even the discipline of celibacy? How has it helped Church leaders better understanding and positively influence clerical culture in seminaries, dioceses, and religious orders? Catholic laity, priests, seminarians, vocation directors, those considering religious and priestly vocations everyone interested in how men serving in this critical ministerial role are identified, formed and supported will welcome this authoritative and positive book.

The First Five Years Of The Priesthood

Author : Dean R. Hoge
ISBN : 0814628044
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33. 11 MB
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Reports indicate that many newly ordained men are feeling demoralized and some are resigning. The accounts raised many questions. How widespread is the problem? What difficulties are the recently ordained priests facing? Is the problem due to changes in lay attitudes or to changes in the ordained themselves? Is the situation different from what it was ten or twenty years ago? The First Five Years of the Priesthood is a collaborative work of the National Federation of Priests' Councils and the Life Cycle Institute of The Catholic University of America that considers this phenomenon. It explores the experience of early priesthood and is based on a pilot survey of two groups?recently ordained priests active in service and those who have resigned. The research team minimized interpretative work on the findings and engaged credible voices in American Catholic life to write commentaries on the implications of the findings. The First Five Years of the Priesthood includes both the research findings and commentaries. Chapters are "The Setting of the Priesthood Today," "Attitudes of Newly Ordained Active and Resigned Priests," "What Makes for Satisfied Newly Ordained Priests?" "Four Types of Resigned Priests," "Life Experiences of Newly Ordained Active and Resigned Priests," and "Recommendations Made by the Priests."?This is an important study and should be read by all those involved in priestly formation, as well as those working with the newly ordained in parishes and other settings. Priesthood never was an easy vocation, but based on what is contained in this volume, it is getting to be more of a challenge than ever before. It will take a cooperative effort of both clergy and laity if it is to survive within the present context of limited numbers and increasing demand.? Tom Sweetser, S.J. Parish Evaluation Project?Shakespeare has one of his characters say that all difficulties are easy once they are known. Dean Hoge does the Church and world a commendable service in identifying with keen insight and perceptive analysis some of the difficulties faced by the newly ordained. He also examines with equal care and attention those elements that give life and meaning to diocesan and religious priests. This is accomplished through rigorous research and through asking the right questions. With impressive and firm data, he distinguishes between those who are likely to remain committed as well as those who might leave the priesthood. The results of his research are presented without bias or prejudice, and he makes no pronouncements. He simply presents the facts, and allows others to make interpretations and offer commentaries. Hopefully, this book will be read with great care by those in leadership positions including: bishops and personnel directors; seminary rectors and formational personnel; and certainly by priests in all age categories so that these insights may lead to better understanding and mutual appreciation.? Melvin C. Blanchette, S.S. Director, Vatican II Institute Menlo Park, California?Dean Hoge and his colleagues have performed a great service for everyone interested in shepherding our shepherds. This study of the first five years of the priesthood will be especially helpful as we begin the implementation of the U.S. Catholic Bishops? Basic Plan for the Ongoing Formation of Priests. While this study points out many areas where serious attention needs to be given to the spiritual, emotional, and professional formation on a continuing basis; it also points out areas of strength in our young priests for which we all have to be very grateful.? Bishop John R. Gaydos Diocese of Jefferson City Chairman of the U.S.C.C.B. Committee on Priestly Life and Ministry?The First Five Years of the Priesthood is a scholarly and informative survey of social science research pertaining to issues in this critical period of a priest?s life: attitudes of new priests, what promotes satisfaction for newly ordained priests, types of resigned priests, and life experiences of both active and resigned priests. In the midst of the current controversy surrounding priesthood, the book provides an important scientific study of what factors most influence both success and recidivism in the priestly life.? The Catholic Journalist?This helpful book will assist the Church in fostering and promoting a healthy priesthood. Written with brevity and clarity, the text offers insights that should continue a lively and purposeful discussion for priestly ministry and how it connects with the larger church.? Conversatio

Kingdom Of Priests

Author : Eugene H. Merrill
ISBN : 9780801031991
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This revised edition of a proven textbook offers an up-to-date articulation of a conservative evangelical position on Old Testament history.

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