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True Bigfoot Stories

Author : Roger P. Mills
ISBN : 1537083554
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Horrifying Encounters Of Bigfoot Horror: What Would You Do? What's The Truth? Claim Your FREE Bonuses After the Conclusion! Ghosts and alien stories - those are much easier to dismiss as made up. But is a humanoid-like creature living in the woods really that impossible to imagine? More than extraterrestrials or ghostly beings?Whatever your opinion on them may be - I have found myself more and more sucked into this world of seemingly insane stories - and have found it hard to get them out of my head.Humans are incredibly strange beings, I would say - more so than Bigfoots. In most stories they scare people off and wonder the woods - that's simple, it's easy to understand. But us - humans? Where to even begin...This book takes you from America, to the battlefields of a ravaged land but I'd just like to say one last thing in this intro. That Bigfoot stories tell us more about ourselves, than they do about the elusive creature... Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside... True Bigfoot Stories: Bigfoot on Fire True Bigfoot Stories: Lost and Hunted by the Unknown True Bigfoot Stories: Inside a Broken City of Terror True Bigfoot Stories: Night Time Visits from Bigfoot True Bigfoot Stories: The Bosnian War Yeti Stories True Bigfoot Stories: Lost and Tormented by Bigfoot Much, much more! Scroll up and download this book now!

True Bigfoot Horror The Apex Predator Monster In The Woods

Author : Jeremy Kelly
ISBN : 1533170827
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The oldest recorded account of Bigfoot dates all the way back to 986 AD by famous Viking explorer Leif Ericson and his men. Upon their first landing in the New World the Norsemen wrote about manlike beasts that towered over the Vikings. These beasts were distinctly different than the natives they encountered. They wrote that these beasts were "horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy, and with great black eyes." The Vikings called these ape-like bipedal beasts Skellring. The Skellring lived in the woods, had a foul smelling odor, and a deafening shriek. Leif had many encounters with the Skellring before departing from the island.Bryan Sykes, a professor of human genetics at Oxford University who recently embarked on a project to DNA test any or all available evidence for the existence of Bigfoot, said belief in Bigfoot-like beasts is a very consistent feature across cultures - "so much so that I have found indigenous people not even bothering to question their existence as they are so much a part of everyday life." The following book is the accumulation of years of research following my encounter. At the time I was looking for others who had experiences similar to mine. It was the only form of therapy I could find that eased my anxiety. I refused to go to the town's only therapist. In a small town like this everyone would have known and it would have served as cause for a black mark on my family. After years of researching Bigfoot, the Yeti, and Sasquatch I have collected hundreds of accounts. Some I believe to be true and some I believe to be false claims of people looking for their names in print or their face on a TV screen. This book is the accounts I believe are most certainly true.

True Bigfoot Stories

Author : Max Mason Hunter
ISBN : 1535458186
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Eyewitness Accounts Of Killer Bigfoot Encounters: Terrifying Stories Of Sasquatch Creatures...What's The Truth? Get Your FREE BONUSES When You Download This Book! Bigfoots aren't real, you might say. They're just a myth, a story, a scam, a hoax, a publicity stunt. All of those things and more have been said on the subject...And yet, for decades now, scientists all over the world have spent millions, in both cash and man-hours, investigating this phenomenon. Why would they do this? Why spend time and money on a myth? Why dedicate your life to a practical joke? Because that's what it must be, right? And all of those videos and sightings of them? Just products of imagination and attempts to cash in on the gag, of course... People encountering Bigfoots is nothing uncommon, stories like that have been around for thousands of years.Are all of them really lies though? Out of the thousands of these stories, are we really meant to believe none of them are true? We could say all of those people are liars, but sometimes, you just can't ignore the numbers you're dealing with.So if you do believe it's just a myth and a joke, why should you keep them in mind when roaming the woods? Because the most dangerous thing is the one you're not expecting... Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside... True Bigfoot Stories: Someone or Something? Bigfoot 911 Call True Bigfoot Stories: Nevada - Searching for a Yeti True Bigfoot Stories: Face to Face with the Beast - The Winnemucca Encounter True Bigfoot Stories: Cannibal Giants of the Jarbidge Forest True Bigfoot Stories: Entering Bigfoot Territory True Bigfoot Stories: Bigfoot Events Surrounding the Cold War Bases of Finland Much, much more! Download this book today!

100 Bigfoot Nights

Author : Christine Parker
ISBN : 0991585747
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Book 2 of the 100 Bigfoot Night series, a true story. How much can one person take? ...when your comfortable reality is shattered day after day? Christine has already been forced to acknowledge things that are far beyond what most people's lives include. Instead of just being a loving housewife and devoted mom, she is now having to face - daily - a growing threat to herself and her family from a dark presence in their suburban neighborhood. Once again, Christine documents her family's encounters with real life versions of creatures of folklore and myth - some with gruesome reputations - and supplements her story with audio, video and still frame images. As the Parker family delves deeper into the mysterious world surrounding their own, they also discover an eerie, spectral presence heretofore unseen by the human eye. As Christine's investigation continues, an inevitable pattern emerges. An indication that 'they' know that the Parkers are aware of them. One by one, each family member has a revealing encounter with... "them." The reason's seem unclear. Territorial aggression? An attempt to communicate? Or something else? When it's Christine's turn to be visited the questions are replaced with terror.

The Bigfoot Book

Author : Nick Redfern
ISBN : 1578595614
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 36. 62 MB
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Does a hulking, hairy, 800-pound, nine-foot-tall, elusive primate roam the woods and forests throughout North America - and the world? Audio-recordings exist purporting to be the creatures' eerie chatter and bone-chilling screaming. Whether called Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot or something else, bipedal primates appear in folklore, legends and eyewitness accounts in every state of the union and many places around the world. The fascination with the man-beast is stronger than ever in today's pop culture.

The Dictator S Seduction

Author : Lauren H. Derby
ISBN : 9780822390862
Genre : History
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The dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo, who ruled the Dominican Republic from 1930 until his assassination in 1961, was one of the longest and bloodiest in Latin American history. The Dictator’s Seduction is a cultural history of the Trujillo regime as it was experienced in the capital city of Santo Domingo. Focusing on everyday forms of state domination, Lauren Derby describes how the regime infiltrated civil society by fashioning a “vernacular politics” based on popular idioms of masculinity and fantasies of race and class mobility. Derby argues that the most pernicious aspect of the dictatorship was how it appropriated quotidian practices such as gossip and gift exchange, leaving almost no place for Dominicans to hide or resist. Drawing on previously untapped documents in the Trujillo National Archives and interviews with Dominicans who recall life under the dictator, Derby emphasizes the role that public ritual played in Trujillo’s exercise of power. His regime included the people in affairs of state on a massive scale as never before. Derby pays particular attention to how events and projects were received by the public as she analyzes parades and rallies, the rebuilding of Santo Domingo following a major hurricane, and the staging of a year-long celebration marking the twenty-fifth year of Trujillo’s regime. She looks at representations of Trujillo, exploring how claims that he embodied the popular barrio antihero the tíguere (tiger) stoked a fantasy of upward mobility and how a rumor that he had a personal guardian angel suggested he was uniquely protected from his enemies. The Dictator’s Seduction sheds new light on the cultural contrivances of autocratic power.

Hunt For The Skinwalker

Author : Colm A. Kelleher
ISBN : 1416526935
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 52. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The author of the controversial bestseller Brain Trust brings his scientific expertise to the chilling true story of unexplained phenomena on Utah's Skinwalker Ranch -- and challenges us with a new vision of reality. For more than fifty years, the bizarre events at a remote Utah ranch have ranged from the perplexing to the wholly terrifying. Vanishing and mutilated cattle. Unidentified Flying Objects. The appearance of huge, otherworldly creatures. Invisible objects emitting magnetic fields with the power to spark a cattle stampede. Flying orbs of light with dazzling maneuverability and lethal consequences. For one family, life on the Skinwalker Ranch had become a life under siege by an unknown enemy or enemies. Nothing else could explain the horrors that surrounded them -- perhaps science could. Leading a first-class team of research scientists on a disturbing odyssey into the unknown, Colm Kelleher spent hundreds of days and nights on the Skinwalker property and experienced firsthand many of its haunting mysteries. With investigative reporter George Knapp -- the only journalist allowed to witness and document the team's work -- Kelleher chronicles in superb detail the spectacular happenings the team observed personally, and the theories of modern physics behind the phenomena. Far from the coldly detached findings one might expect, their conclusions are utterly hair-raising in their implications. Opening a door to the unseen world around us, Hunt for the Skinwalker is a clarion call to expand our vision far beyond what we know.


Author : Ed Warren
ISBN : 0312928645
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 55. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The true tale of a man possessed by an evil spirit reveals how William Ramsey, a quiet family man, was taken over by the spirit of a werewolf that had to be driven out in a dangerous rite of exorcism. Reprint.

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